Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatments in Phoenix, AZ

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What Is Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment?

A lot of types of dental problems, such as gum disease, can possibly affect a patient's general wellness. Commonly referred to as periodontal disease, gum disease is a gradually worsening gum infection that affects a large number of Americans every year. Stemming from destructive dental bacteria, gum disease is thought of as a main cause of loose or missing teeth for those past the age of 35 and can be linked to an array of physical health problems. These bacteria inhabit plaque deposits that build up on the enamel and produce toxins, which will start to damage the gumline, jawbone, and other tissues that keep every tooth in the correct position.

Gum disease is essentially distinguished by three distinct phases. The beginning phase of periodontal disease is gingivitis, then periodontitis. The final and most severe level of the disease is called advanced periodontitis. Identifying and addressing gum disease soon could end the deterioration and protect your health. For those who have symptoms like puffy or discolored gum tissue, bleeding while brushing and flossing, or chronic sour breath (occasionally called halitosis), periodontal disease may be affecting their oral wellness.

Our experienced dental team at Sunrise Smile Design offers several state-of-the-art solutions to address periodontal disease at any stage. Get in touch with our facility in Phoenix, AZ at your earliest convenience to plan your biannual comprehensive evaluation and learn about your solutions to manage gum disease.

Candidates for Periodontal Care

Adults who could benefit from treatment for periodontal disease are those who experience any gumline puffiness and bleeding and anyone with shifting teeth and serious deterioration to the neighboring oral tissues. If gum disease is spotted and managed in its early stages, patients have increased potential to minimize the disorder's negative symptoms. Numerous patients have bleeding gums or inflammation, which could be mistaken for normal. Nevertheless, bleeding and other effects of gum disease are never normal and must be looked at as soon as possible.

We ask people to arrange a visit to Sunrise Smile Design if they exhibit one or more of the potential indications of the condition. These symptoms can include puffy, discolored, or tender gums and even bleeding when brushing and flossing. Chronic oral malodor or an unpleasant taste in a person's mouth might be a sign too. Individuals with progressing periodontal disease may experience loose teeth, extreme sensitivity, a weakening gumline, or pus in the mouth.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Diagnosing and treating the condition when first symptoms arise is crucial to preserve the state of your oral structures. To determine if gum disease is deteriorating your dental wellness, our team will utilize a specialized device to assess the gaps separating your gums and tooth roots. If these pockets exceed 3 millimeters in depth, it may be a source of concern. Detailed x-rays will also allow our dental team to gauge the amount of bone securing the teeth and discover if a later stage of gum disease is present.

At Sunrise Smile Design, we use thorough tests to detect any phase of periodontal disease and will suggest a suitable route for care. The initial phase of gum disease (gingivitis) is generally addressed with a thorough cleaning and consistent at-home oral hygiene. To treat periodontitis, the middle level of gum disease, SRP (also called scaling and root planing) procedures are conducted and can be coupled with locally delivered antibiotics. Final-stage cases of periodontal disease may be best managed with a surgical method, like flap surgery and bone grafting techniques.


Maintaining a daily oral care routine is important once your gum disease has been addressed. Before or after your appointment, we will give you worthwhile tips to elevate your regular tooth-brushing techniques and safeguard your oral health. We will then give you helpful post-treatment information to help you heal from your procedure smoothly. Periodontal maintenance procedures, which are often essential in allowing you to elevate your gum wellness and in hindering active periodontal disease from returning, are commonly suggested a few times a year. These sessions at Sunrise Smile Design replace twice-yearly dental cleanings.

Is Periodontal Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Financial coverage for gum disease procedures may differ depending on your personal policy. Our financial personnel will reach out to your insurance carrier to learn more about your benefits before we begins your treatment. Our staff at Sunrise Smile Design strives to make oral care as affordable as it can be and takes various types of payment methods, including special financing, to allow any uncovered portion to remain well within your financial plan.

Stop Gum Disease in Its Tracks

With the help of advanced dental care approaches, Sunrise Smile Design can help people who have gum disease get access to beneficial services and reclaim the health of their smile. If you experience any issues related to gum disease, please get in touch with our Phoenix, AZ office right away. Our dental team offers a number of solutions to address any phase of periodontal disease.

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