Tooth Extractions in Phoenix, AZ

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We know that extractions can seem nerve-wracking, but we want to offer you peace of mind if you are facing a tooth extraction. Extractions at Sunrise Smile Design are comfortable and beneficial to your oral health so you can enjoy a healthy smile again!

Reasons You Might need An Extraction

We only recommend an extraction if it will improve your oral health. A few situations that may require extraction are listed and explained below:

Overcrowding: If your teeth are at risk for damage because there are too many for the space, we may recommend extracting a tooth.
Infection: Our goal is to save your teeth when possible, often through procedures, like root canals. In cases where a root canal will not sufficiently clear out an infection, we may recommend an extraction to protect your oral health.
Decay: Sometimes a tooth has deteriorated to the point where a crown cannot restore it. If a crown is not a viable option, we may extract a tooth and replace it for you.
Wisdom Teeth: At one point in our evolution, wisdom teeth were valuable. Now they are often a risk for your oral health, which is why we may extract them for you.

Whatever the cause behind your tooth extraction, you can trust Sunrise Smile Design to help you regain your oral health!

Are You Feeling Anxious About An Upcoming Extraction?

We understand that extractions make many patients apprehensive. Talk to our staff about your anxiety. We can offer solutions that turn your extraction into a relaxing appointment so you can rest easy while we work.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Dental extractions are done in our office with local anesthesia on the area near the tooth being worked on. Other types of sedation might be used based on the degree of the procedure and also to help you stay relaxed if you have any dental worries. To complete a simple extraction, the tooth will be loosened with a special device called an elevator before removing the tooth. A surgical extraction entails making incisions into your gums to get to the tooth. If necessary, the tooth could be broken into smaller pieces so it can be removed. Once the tooth has been removed, the incision in the gums will be sutured closed. We may write a prescription for antibiotics that need to be taken before and following the procedure — in case you have a current illness, if your immune system is weak, if the process is lengthy, or if you have other special medical problems.

Restoring Your Smile After An Extraction

If you are about to have a tooth extraction, we want to offer you a silver lining! We have options to replace that tooth that can help you enjoy a brand new smile — without any unsightly gaps.

We may suggest a dental bridge or a dental implant to replace your tooth.

A dental bridge is a time-honored replacement that can help you fill in the gap so you do not have to endure the pain or embarrassment of a missing tooth.

If you are looking for a secure tooth replacement that can benefit your jaw, as well as your smile, we suggest dental implants! This replacement method replaces the entire tooth — from root to crown!

Whether you are interested in dental bridges or dental implants, we can help you find a way to regain your complete smile after an extraction procedure!

Trust Sunrise Smile Design For Your Tooth Extraction Needs!

From diagnosis to post-operative care, Sunrise Smile Design is here to help you enjoy a new level of oral health. Call our office today to find out how we can help you!

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