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General Dentistry

For general dentistry in the Phoenix area, Dr. Rick Campbell of Sunrise Smile Design is your family dentist of choice. Why?

  • We have a comfortable office where you and your loved ones will feel relaxed and at home.
  • We have a team that is caring, well-trained, friendly, and helpful.
  • We have YOUR needs and wants in mind! We want you to have a beautiful smile and excellent dental health your whole life long!

We offer a variety of general dentistry procedures including:

Teeth Cleaning

For excellent dental health, regular professional dental cleanings by your dentist are a must. At your regular general dentistry appointments, we will give your teeth the cleaning a regular toothbrush just can’t do. 

Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity, we offer tooth-colored fillings to our general dentistry patients. Tooth-colored fillings enhance your dental health because they protect your teeth from further damage and are metal free.

Dental Crowns

If you have a tooth that is damaged, misshapen, broken, chipped, weak, or has a lot of dental work already, these problems can hinder your dental health. Dental crowns are an excellent treatment we offer our general dentistry patients to help protect and restore your teeth.

Gum Disease Treatment

It may surprise you to know that a large percentage of Americans have some form of gum disease. Dr. Campbell and his fabulous team are dedicated to your excellent dental health, and they want to make sure you don’t suffer from gum disease.

Home Care Instruction

We want you to have good dental health your whole life long! Your general dentist will review with you and your loved ones the best dental health practices you should be doing every day to ensure you keep up the best dental care in between your regular dental visits.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a toothache, that can not only be painful, it can endanger your dental health. Your family dentist, Dr. Campbell, offers root canal therapy to make the toothache go away and enhance your dental health.

For Great Dental Health Care, Call Us Today!

Dr. Campbell and his dentistry team are dedicated to bringing you a smile you will love! Our office is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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