Why Are Routine Dental Cleanings Important?

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Maintaining an efficient at-home oral hygiene routine is important in keeping tartar, plaque, and stains at bay. However, a professional dental exam and routine dental cleaning at Sunrise Smile Design is more important. After a dental exam from Dr. Rick Campbell to look for signs of tooth decay, a routine dental cleaning removes food deposits left in the mouth and reduces your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease. A visit to the dentist is a proven successful way to take care of your teeth in Phoenix, AZ.

What happens during a routine dental cleaning?

At a routine dental cleaning at Sunrise Smile Design, Dr. Campbell offers a customized treatment plan for each patient. This means that he looks closely at their particular concerns and addresses them during their dental cleaning. Our dental practice provides preventive dentistry services that hope to eliminate the need for serious and costly procedures. Dental cleanings from our Phoenix, AZ team are comprehensive and may include the following:

  1. Medical History: Our staff learns about your general health, any medications or supplements you take regularly, and any prior oral health issues or surgeries you’ve had.

  2. Dental exam and X-rays: Dental examinations are generally conducted once a year, at every other dental cleaning. These exams give Dr. Campbell the opportunity to evaluate your teeth, gums, bite, and jaw. He will also take X-rays that provide him with information on what’s going on in areas that he can’t see with the naked eye alone. This can include any issues with restorations, jaw problems, or even tooth decay. An oral cancer screening is also performed where he assesses soft tissues in and around the mouth to look for precancerous or cancerous tumors, lesions, or masses.

  3. Prophylaxis: Most of the routine dental cleaning involves removing plaque and tartar. This plaque and tartar invite bacteria to live and produce acids in the mouth that damage your teeth and gums. Our oral hygienists scale these materials from the teeth to help reduce your risk of oral diseases, including tooth decay. Surface stains on the teeth can also be polished for a brighter and whiter smile.

  4. Gum disease evaluation: We will also look for signs of gum disease during a dental cleaning. We will record periodontal measures of the spaces between the teeth and gums to identify and treat any gum disease effectively and quickly before it worsens. We can use these measurements to compare progress at each cleaning to see if your gum health is improving or worsening.

  5. Fluoride treatment: This is an optional preventive service that helps strengthen the teeth and protect against cavities. While this is recommended for kids, it can also benefit teens and adults who have a history of cavities or early signs of tooth decay.

  6. Oral hygiene tips: We will personalize hygiene tips on how to best take care of your teeth and gums from home. This includes showing you brushing and flossing techniques.

How often to get teeth cleanings

Dr. Campbell recommends having dental cleanings at least twice a year. For those with gum disease or other oral health problems, more frequent routine dental cleanings may be recommended. Our Phoenix, AZ team assesses your needs and helps you decide the proper schedule for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Does a dental cleaning hurt?

It shouldn’t. However, if you have tooth decay, symptoms of gum disease, or gum inflammation, there may be increased tooth sensitivity during a dental cleaning. Be clear with your hygienist if you’re feeling pain as they can offer you a medicated gel or prescription rinse that will help make your cleaning more comfortable.

Visit the dentist for routine dental cleanings and exams to maintain oral health

Ultimately, your smile is important to your overall health. Maintaining your teeth and gums with regular routine dental exams and routine dental cleanings are essential to keep it looking and feeling its best. Dr. Rick Campbell works hard to help improve his patients’ lives with personalized dental care in Phoenix, AZ. To schedule a routine dental cleaning at Sunrise Smile Design, call our dental office today.

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