Dental Technology


Here at Sunrise Smile Design, we go above and beyond what is required by industry standards because we want to exceed YOUR expectations for dental care! We invest in technology that can make your appointments comfortable and efficient.


Digital Devices For Comfortable Efficient Dental Care


There are three devices you will see when you come to our office for your dental appointment: digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and computers, which are present in every operatory. Each of these technological marvels adds to the quality dentistry we offer here at Sunrise Smile Design.

Digital X-Rays |We skip the radiation exposure and discomfort of time-consuming, traditional x-rays in order to offer you safer, more efficient procedures. Digital x-rays use up to 80% less radiation than traditional ones, and they are far easier to administer!

Intraoral Cameras |This remarkable handheld camera is shaped like a pen, and it allows us to get a close-up view of any area of concern. We can engage in early detection of many conditions and gauge the effectiveness of certain procedures!

Computers in Every Operatory |Rather than shuffle patients from room to room, we simply made sure every single room is equipped with computers. Every patient is important to us, and we want you to feel valued when you attend an appointment here!

Enjoy next-level dental care when you set an appointment in our convenient Phoenix office!


Thinking Beyond Our Office By Going Paperless!


Although you are our key concern, we are conscious of the world beyond our Phoenix office as well. There are several reasons why we have decided to go paperless here at Sunrise Smile Design.

Efficiency |Digital information is effortless to collect and maintain, so our staff can spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time caring for you!

Tracking Patient History |Your health history is easier to search, access, and store when we keep it in a digital format. We want to accurately track this information in order to make sound decisions regarding your care, so this is an important reason for going paperless.

Teamwork |We sometimes need to convey images and information to other members of your healthcare team as well as your insurance company. We can quickly share pertinent information when necessary, so we can work with your healthcare professionals to make an effective team!

Saving Trees |Rather than constantly using valuable resources, our office has gone paperless to reduce waste. Digital records allow us to skip the paper and contribute to wiser use of global resources!

Going paperless is just one more feature that sets our office apart from the rest as we find ways to contribute to the world around us!


Experience Next- Level Dentistry Here At Sunrise Smile Design!


From our commitment to continual education from prestigious organizations like Spears Education to the remarkable devices we use every day to improve our patients’ oral health, you can expect excellence in all that we do!

Your time and comfort are important to us! Discover this for yourself when you set an appointment here at Sunrise Smile Design!